I Want To Break Free…From My Spam Prison!!

How ironic, then, that I should be listening to the car radio earlier today whilst stuck in local traffic on a hot, summer’s day wishing I was anywhere but there, only to be jolted back to my ‘blog angst’ by the incomparable tones of Freddie Mercury belting out the lyrics to  “I want to Break Free”!!!

Yes, I am still in Spam prison and I want to break free alright!

So once more, my posts for this week have not gone quite to plan as I have had to spend quite a bit of time getting this problem, as per my previous post, sorted out.  Who thought I would be posting about all this technical stuff?

Many, many thanks to those of you who have been offering advice, help and just plain moral support, and for keeping in touch, even when I can’t keep in touch with you 😦

It is incredibly frustrating as I have read several wonderful posts these past couple of days and all I can do is ‘like’ them when I have really wanted to comment. Thanks for understanding!

So, just to update you, and to pass on what I have learnt thus far to any of you who are reading this and having the same problem:

Having contacted Akismet via their support page at http://akismet.com/contact/  not once but twice, I did not receive a response (still waiting) but was advised by WordPress that I just need to be patient.  Fair enough, but not one of my better traits…

However,  Dylan  a fellow-blogger who kindly came to my assistance, suggested that I email Akismet directly at support@Akismet.com which I did first thing this morning.  This time I received a reply immediately from ‘Mark’ who asked me to fill in a comment test sheet and who is now looking into the problem for me.  As at the time of writing, I have not received a response but it does seem that there are quite a few of us bloggers experiencing this very same problem at the moment.

Since my plea for ‘comment help’ yesterday, it is good to know that I am not the only one having this problem, as I did wonder there for a little while, but of course commiserations to all you bloggers like me who are having the same problems, and I wish you all the very best in getting it sorted out quickly!  We all agree, it is not nice, not nice at all!

Finally, there is one more thing that you can do to help.  If I am one of your regular visitors could you possibly please check your spam folders and see if any of my comments have gone there, and if so, could you approve them as ‘not spam’ and then approve them as comments on your blog?  This achieves 2 things:

1.  You can release me out of spam prison, my comment will post properly and then I will be able to post comments once again on your blog; and

2.  This shows Akismet that I am not sending spam comments and so helps my cause!

I have already emailed some of you this morning about this and you have very kindly already ‘sprung’ me, thank you so much, but others I haven’t been able to contact.

Keep in touch and let me know how you all get on. Meanwhile, I will get back to posting very soon… 🙂

About Sherri Matthews

Sherri is a writer with work published in print magazines, anthologies and online. As a young British mum of three, she emigrated to California and stayed for twenty years. Today she lives in England's West Country, a full-time carer within her family. Her current WIP after completing her memoir is a psychological thriller.
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8 Responses to I Want To Break Free…From My Spam Prison!!

  1. tieshka says:

    Dear Sheri, thank you for the lovely email this morning; it was a great way to start my day. You were indeed hiding in my Akismet files. That is very random.. but true in your case. I’m rarely looking there. I’m glad my blog takes you back down memory lane from time to time. There really is so much to do and explore in my beautiful state of Calfornina which is great since we can’t escape to Europe every year. Have a wonderful weekend!


    • Sherri says:

      Thanks so much Tieshka! I just posted a comment on your blog and it showed up fine now! I still don’t think the problem as a whole has been resolved so I guess all I can do is wait for Mark to sort it out. Yes, California is a beautiful state indeed and I love reading about your adventures and seeing so many familiar sights from your photographs! You have a wonderful weekend too, I will think of you on the beach, swimming in the Pacific… 🙂


  2. Kay Wilson says:

    Hi Sherri, understand the frustration, all the technology is wonderful when it is working but when goes awry, I have wasted days. dohope all is resolved soon;) Kay


    • Sherri says:

      Thanks so much Kay, appreciate that. Yes, very frustrating indeed and still not resolved! It’s the feeling of helplessness that it is so horrible, as there is absolutely nothing I can do about it and can only wait for it to be fixed, when, I don’t quite know! Hope you are doing well, have a lovely weekend 🙂


  3. Heyjude says:

    Hi Sherri, just wondering if this will post or find its way into your spam folder 😦
    It seems that even on blogs where I have been ‘approved’ (so nice) my comments are once again finding their way into the wrong place. Same is happening on my sites [sigh] When will this ever end? No fun in reading and posting when there are no comments. I happen to LIKE comments 🙂
    Jude xx


    • Sherri says:

      Hi Jude, sorry only just saw this! Yes it did go into my spam folder, what a pain 😦 So sorry, but I’ve set you free once more!!! I just commented on your site again and it went to moderation. I seem to be able to receive comments on my blog so far and on those where I’ve been set free from spam hell! But, can’t comment on any new blogs or others if they don’t see my emails. I have only just put another post up since last week as I was feeling really dejected by the whole thing. As you say, without being able to comment back and forth it takes away one of the main points of blogging and interacting with one another. Keep your spirits up, at least we know we aren’t the only ones, but that still doesn’t help us…xx


  4. Sherri says:

    This didn’t go to spam!!! And yes, I am following the forum, I commented on it yesterday and saw you there too. Can you believe how many people are having this problem and how long it goes on? I still haven’t had a reply to my email, nor another test form. I never did get a reply to the original contact form. Keep me posted 🙂 x


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