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Welcome All!!

Writing stories from the heart, forming connections through the sharing with you, dear readers, is my burning passion.

Stories of my adventures, hit and miss, as a Brit emigrating to America and raising my three,  now grown children in California. Of my growing up years with an alcoholic, jail-bird dad, and as Mum and Carer to my youngest child, diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at eighteen.

Of travels; of history; of my garden; of wildlife and nature’s beauty; of creatures great and small. Of the love of family and dear ones and of all that stirs my soul.

Through memoir, creative non-fiction, personal essays, articles, poetry and flash fiction, I write about the funny, the sad, the beautiful and the ugly; the heartening, annoying, and often peculiar things that happen during the course of an apparently normal day while navigating this thing called life. All very unpredictable, challenging and, if we let it, so wonderful.

Weaving stories from the past; making sense of the present;
giving hope for the future.

Story-telling through photography challenges, taking part in blog hops and guest posts,  I hope to share updates about my writing progress, especially my memoir, ‘Stranger in a White Dress‘.

My Summerhouse - This is where I write (c) Sherri Matthews 2015

My Summerhouse – This is where I write
(c) Sherri Matthews 2015

I use all my own photographs to illustrate my blog posts.  Ever since using my very first 35mm Kodak Instamatic camera (remember those square flash bulbs?), I’ve enjoyed snapping away.  From my trusty Sony Cyber Shot digital camera to my mobile phone, and now my latest Fuji, I pursue another passion.

Barring technological problems and other unseen events, my aim is to post twice usually, sometimes three times a week.  I am yet to form a set schedule, but perhaps I need to work on that.

Most importantly, my sincere hope is that you will enjoy reading my blog.

Blue Door - Blue Sea Crete (c) Sherri Matthews

Blue Door – Blue Sea
(c) Sherri Matthews 2015

 Thank you so much for your visit. 

13 Responses to About This Blog

  1. esta.k says:

    Thanks for the nomination — and congrats on the award(s). Looks like you have an interesting blog here. Life is a bit like making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, and a rich source of writing material 😀


  2. Abha says:

    I love how you have used your photography for illustrations. It is very lovely


    • Sherri says:

      Thank you so much Abha for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment here, I am so glad to read that you have enjoyed my photographs. I hope you will visit again 🙂


  3. swethadhaara says:

    The pictures on your blog are so lively!! Would love to learn more by following your awesome blog….


  4. I’m an aspiring photographer. I dream of the day when I’ll have a “proper” camera, too (Canon/Nikon). But before I graduate to that point, I have my eye on this: http://store.sony.com/cyber-shot-digital-camera-rx100-iii-zid27-DSCRX100M3/B/cat-27-catid-All-Cyber-shot-R-Series-Cameras

    In the meantime, I’m using a humble, outdated point-and-shoot digital camera, and my tablet. Gotta work with what I have until I can do better. 🙂 But I have been bitten by a HUGE photography bug. I want to capture the essence of everything! When I get the chance, I plan to enroll in a photography course. I want to reach your stage where ALL the photos on my blog are my own.


    • Sherri says:

      Now that’s a nice camera Nadine! Definitely superiour to my Cyber Shot! They are all good cameras though, with the Ziess zoom lens. Oh I know that photography bug. I had no idea that one day I would be sharing my photos on a public domain. I didn’t know where to find all those smart images that I saw on other blogs and worried about the copyright issue. So I thought I would use all my own, some from way back. But like you, I would love to take things further and take a photography class. So much to learn isn’t there? I hope you get to fufill your photography dreams, you’ve got great goals 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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