Sweet Serenity

A new day opens like a blue-front door and a deep-blue sea of escape beckons.
Whispering through the sharp grass;
brushing past the blasted sand;
this light hour lifts you out of your dark slumber
and carries you in its tender arms, until one day, you
Fly High.

Blue Door - Blue Sea (c) Sherri Matthews

Blue Door – Blue Sea
Crete (c) Sherri Matthews

There, my sweet girl, there you taste the salt-pressed air when you breathe in.
While the warm rush of a foreign sea-breeze embraces you
and sends your slept-on, matted hair into a
whipped-up frenzy of stinging rebuke against your pale face,
You Smile.

Crete July 2008 205

Crete (c) Sherri Matthews

It is there, in the cast of your cool, tired eyes as they glide from side to side that you remember a time, at day’s end, as the mountains turned red
and the water shone like glass: when you last dreamed and hoped for
Sweet Serenity.

Moclos Cove, Crete (c) Sherri Matthews

Mochlos Cove, Crete
(c) Sherri Matthews

Then, before your night descends once more to grip your heart with anxiety
think of this: locked within broken promises, as the last sigh of a golden sunset
sweeps across the skies, if only you would lift your eyes, sweet girl, there you would
Catch The Light.

Somerset Sunset (c) Sherri Matthews

Somerset Sunset
(c) Sherri Matthews

Before the darkest hour, when it is blackest before dawn and the birds don’t sing,
Know that dawn will arrive on pale wings, the hope of a new day and unbroken dreams.
It is in that hour that your broken heart heals and I wipe away your tears, when
Sweet Robin Sings.

Somerset Sunrise, April 2014 (1)

Somerset Sunrise (c) Sherri Matthews

For my daughter.

About Sherri Matthews

Sherri once worked in the medical and legal fields. One day the office closed, she got laid off and she praised the heavens for the chance at last to write her book. Some years later, 'Stranger In A White Dress', a memoir, is ready for submission. Published along the way in magazines, anthologies and on her blog, Sherri writes about her travels, nature and the process of memoir. She also shares snippets of her life as a Brit 'Mom' who raised her children in California, as an advocate and carer for her adult youngest diagnosed at eighteen with Asperger's Syndrome and stories of her dad's lifelong journey from prison to the streets and back again. She is a regular contributor to 'Carrot Ranch', an online literary community. Today, Sherri lives in England with her hubby, Aspie, two black cats and a very grumpy Bunny. Writing stories from the past, making sense of today and giving hope for tomorrow.
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124 Responses to Sweet Serenity

  1. So sorry, Sherri, for having missed this lovely lovely post. Text and photos match the serenity theme. As always I love when you talk of your daughter.

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