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Flash Fiction Rodeo Contest #2

Flash Fiction Rodeo Contest #2, Geoff Le Pard’s challenge Little and Laugh, is up and running live at Carrot Ranch! Geoff wants us to make him laugh. That’s it! Deadline Midnight EST October 13. Read on for full details and … Continue reading

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Good Tools Clueless Werewolf

A bad workman blames his tools, so they say.  But then again, if you haven’t got the right tool for the job… When I moved back to England twelve years ago, my remaining worldly possessions crammed into an international shipping … Continue reading

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Barking: 99 Word Flash Fiction

Tailgaters are rude, selfish and arrogant.  Today, I got my own back.  Driving on a dual carriageway (two lane freeway), I pulled out into the fast lane to overtake a slow van and an even slower car just ahead. And … Continue reading

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Suspicious Minds: 99 Word Flash Fiction

Charli’s prompt for this week’s Flash Fiction challenge of ‘Juxtaposition‘ (see full explanation below) had me thinking, because it seems that a few of you would like me to carry on with Muriel’s story, which actually started out as Ken’s … Continue reading

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Symptoms Of Unrest: Flash Fiction 99 Words

Symptoms of Unrest Muriel waddled into the doctor’s office. “What can I do for you,” asked the doctor while staring at his computer screen. Muriel sniffed. “Well, my nose feels blocked and according to my husband, I snore.” “Have you … Continue reading

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I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper and Other Tidbits…

Don’t worry Hubby, I’m not leaving you for a lighthouse keeper.  I don’t actually know any, ha!  I jest of course, and he knows it. He also reads my posts… In response to my Lighthouse Award post on Monday in … Continue reading

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Let’s be silly – I Have A New Name!

Back to normal blog posts next week but meanwhile wanted to share this fun reblog from ‘Chris The Story Reading Ape’s New (to me) Author’s Blog’ for some silly, light-heartedness. What’s not to love about that? I will be catching … Continue reading

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Any Excuse for a Bit of Bubbly!

What a week it’s been!  I’ve really enjoyed my visit over at T.B.’s blog, thanks again so much T.B. and also not only to all of you who took the time to go over and read my guest post but … Continue reading

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Of Aspie Daughter, the Job Centre and a Dead Car (and one Spider photo)

Life is so interesting isn’t it?  Since my rather dark post and poem of yesterday I’ve been enjoying some very in-depth conversations with some of you, particularly about my dad and his alcoholism.   I’ve been blown away by your … Continue reading

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A Cat Show for an Aspie Daughter

Good Afternoon, dear readers.  I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Taking a break from all things ‘chore’ wise, we took Aspie Daughter to a cat show.  This might seem like a strange event to take somebody with Asperger’s … Continue reading

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