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Cats of Crete And Holidays In the Rain

Waiting for me in the Summerhouse today was a queen wasp, crawling about the floor as wasps sometimes do.  Those who know of my mortal fear of these vile creatures will understand how I reacted to such a terrifying sight. … Continue reading

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What Lies In The Shadows

Has the world gone completely mad?  Bombarded with what seems like a constant drip-feed of violence, terror, and fear in the news, I was surprised to come across an article about two sets of neighbours, both in their eighties, warring … Continue reading

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A Day Of Thanksgiving

Where has the year gone?  Didn’t I just write about my Thanksgiving memories, an American holiday that I embraced in my adopted home for almost twenty years? Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday here in the UK, but for my family, this … Continue reading

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Cats of Croatia

When I look back over photographs of places I’ve visited, I can’t help but notice all the cat photos amongst them.   Maybe it’s because I miss my two when we’re away, or maybe it’s because I just love cats. … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasting Cats

The theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week is ‘Contrasts’.   Michelle asks: ‘Light and dark, tall and short, happy and sad — this week, share a shot that captures a contrast.’ Thinking of light and dark, what springs to … Continue reading

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Guest Post At Moggiepurrs: For The Love Of Siamese Cats

Good Monday morning dear friends!  I hope you had a lovely weekend?  Here in Blighty the weather didn’t do quite what was asked of us, descending as it did into blustery storms and heavy rain but still, the weekend is … Continue reading

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Christmas In All Its Glory

It’s Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year! The time of year when we think of family, hearth and home, the season of peace and goodwill, glad tidings to all men. Like so many of you, I could write … Continue reading

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A Happy Halloween for my Black Cat Eddie

Halloween is upon us at last! Better get that pumpkin carved, the treats ready to hand out to all those trick-or-treaters and decorate the house with paper bats, dangling skeletons and put on the spooky music! Most importantly, if you … Continue reading

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A Cat Show for an Aspie Daughter

Good Afternoon, dear readers.  I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Taking a break from all things ‘chore’ wise, we took Aspie Daughter to a cat show.  This might seem like a strange event to take somebody with Asperger’s … Continue reading

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Guest Blog at MoggiePurrs!

Great excitement today dear readers! Before my recent writing crisis (for want of a better word!) I did manage to write a guest blog for my lovely American friend Beverly over at Moggiepurrs.   If you would like  to read … Continue reading

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