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Virginia Woolf’s Round House and Lewes Priory

Some of you may remember my enthusiasm for the delightful English town of Lewes in Sussex as shared in my posts Historical Lewes and A Walk In Lewes.  For those of you who love all things Tudor, you can view … Continue reading

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What Lies In The Shadows

Has the world gone completely mad?  Bombarded with what seems like a constant drip-feed of violence, terror, and fear in the news, I was surprised to come across an article about two sets of neighbours, both in their eighties, warring … Continue reading

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A Lingering Look at Windows and A Walk In Lewes, Sussex

As some of you already know, I recently spent some time in Lewes, Sussex and had the opportunity to take some lovely walks.  You will also remember that it wasn’t too long ago when I wrote about ‘Historical Lewes‘ so … Continue reading

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I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper and Other Tidbits…

Don’t worry Hubby, I’m not leaving you for a lighthouse keeper.  I don’t actually know any, ha!  I jest of course, and he knows it. He also reads my posts… In response to my Lighthouse Award post on Monday in … Continue reading

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A Lingering Look at Windows: Historical Lewes, Sussex

For this week’s Lingering Look at Windows challenge over at Dawn’s site, The Day After,  I have been inspired by short bursts of time spent by Hubby and I in the delightfully historic town of Lewes in the south east of England. Lewes is nestled … Continue reading

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