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What Lies In The Shadows

Has the world gone completely mad?  Bombarded with what seems like a constant drip-feed of violence, terror, and fear in the news, I was surprised to come across an article about two sets of neighbours, both in their eighties, warring … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

There is a certain curve of a well-traveled road that even now occasionally fills my dreams. Years go by and I forget all about it, but then it appears again, and always strangely comforting. Four years ago while driving through … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction: No Way Out Part Two: The Yellow Boat

Last week, I wrote No Way Out in response to Charli’s Facing Fear prompt. Some of you asked if I was going to continue this story but at the time, I wrote it as a complete 99 word flash with … Continue reading

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In The Fear Of Writing

My dream is slipping away from me.  I thought I owned my dream, that I could do what it takes to fulfill my dream.  But now it is fading away. Why? because I am full of fear. My fear has … Continue reading

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True Calling: Flash Fiction at Carrot Ranch

Blogging and writing is full of adventure isn’t it?  You just never know where it might lead.  For instance, until recently I had no idea what flash fiction was, but since I started taking part in a few challenges here … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Room To Breathe

What I enjoy so much about the Weekly Photo Challenge is the way it enables us to express thoughts and ideas as well as share memories.  I love the creative freedom it brings, giving us the choice to be as … Continue reading

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WPC: Abandoned Minoan Ruins of Crete

The Weekly Photo Challenge theme this week is ‘Abandoned’.  The scope here is endless, open as always to individual interpretation.  It could be about buildings, ruins, wastelands, or things that are overlooked.  It could also be about people.  I knew … Continue reading

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‘The Power’ – How Has Writing Changed You?

Living as I do now in this ‘Writer’s World’ has changed my life irrevocably.  Until now, I had never really paid much attention to the way I used to write when I was  younger, how the need to furiously scribble … Continue reading

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Write Your Dream but Don’t Kill the Creativity

Do you have a dream?  Has your dream been with you for just a little while or, as in my case, most of your life?  Does this dream consume you, or is it something you pick up once in a … Continue reading

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Time to Vote – If You Like What You Read!

Dear readers, What, another post I hear you ask?  I don’t know what has come over me this week.  Once again, this post was not planned!  Keep reading and all will be revealed (and the massive favour I’m asking of … Continue reading

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