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WPC: Abandoned Minoan Ruins of Crete

The Weekly Photo Challenge theme this week is ‘Abandoned’.  The scope here is endless, open as always to individual interpretation.  It could be about buildings, ruins, wastelands, or things that are overlooked.  It could also be about people.  I knew … Continue reading

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One Cold Day & A Frozen Mouse for Charlie Snake

Well, here we are and it’s Friday already and time for a weather report.  It’s cold. That’s it. No higher than 35 degrees farenheit (what’s that, about 3.5 centrigrade?)  all day and it’s going to be bitterly cold all weekend.  Brrrrr. … Continue reading

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A Black Cat Reads the News, Sweet Robin Says Hello & A Happy Yesterday

Wouldn’t you know it, within minutes of hitting the ‘publish’ button on my ‘Maisy & The Missing Sun’ post yesterday guess who made an appearance?  That  old sun must have read it and ‘liked’ it, although a comment would have been nice…his general … Continue reading

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Bring on the Cats

Well, it had to happen sooner or later, I did warn you! Having shared in my previous post what joy can be found in the simple things of life, especially in nature and wildlife (namely, Sweet Robin!), I think this would … Continue reading

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Sweet Robin’s Antics & Last of the Snow Photos

So, hot on the heals after posting photos of Sweet Robin in the snow (and thank you so much for liking them 🙂 ) here are the last of my photos of the snow.  How beautiful it all looked just a few short days … Continue reading

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Photos of Sweet Robin in the Snow

I thought I would share these photos I managed to take of Sweet Robin during our recent ‘snow day’ – hope you enjoy them! (c) copyright Sherri Matthews 2013 My daughter was the one who first caught sight of Sweet … Continue reading

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