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Cats of Crete And Holidays In the Rain

Waiting for me in the Summerhouse today was a queen wasp, crawling about the floor as wasps sometimes do.  Those who know of my mortal fear of these vile creatures will understand how I reacted to such a terrifying sight. … Continue reading

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A Spider Bite And A Flash Fiction

The fear of public speaking is stronger than the fear of death itself, ‘they’ say, but in my research for this post I discovered something very interesting: according to an online article which cited the results of a recent survey … Continue reading

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Our Spooky Loft, A Queen Wasp & it’s Hasta La Vista, Baby!

I don’t like going into our loft at the best of times for two very good reasons: For one thing, last summer, when I had to go up there for something (always looking for ‘something’), just as I poked my head … Continue reading

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