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Cats of Crete And Holidays In the Rain

Waiting for me in the Summerhouse today was a queen wasp, crawling about the floor as wasps sometimes do.  Those who know of my mortal fear of these vile creatures will understand how I reacted to such a terrifying sight. … Continue reading

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Cats of Croatia

When I look back over photographs of places I’ve visited, I can’t help but notice all the cat photos amongst them.   Maybe it’s because I miss my two when we’re away, or maybe it’s because I just love cats. … Continue reading

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A Birthday, A Star Sign And Flash Fiction

It was my birthday last Wednesday but the celebrations started off the weekend before sitting on Brighton Beach watching the sun set whilst sipping a glass or two of Prosecco with my lovely people. On the day, I was treated … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasting Cats

The theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week is ‘Contrasts’.   Michelle asks: ‘Light and dark, tall and short, happy and sad — this week, share a shot that captures a contrast.’ Thinking of light and dark, what springs to … Continue reading

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A Cat Show for an Aspie Daughter

Good Afternoon, dear readers.  I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Taking a break from all things ‘chore’ wise, we took Aspie Daughter to a cat show.  This might seem like a strange event to take somebody with Asperger’s … Continue reading

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It’s Too Hot Even For My Cats…& That’s Hot!

You know it’s too hot here when even my two cats can’t take the heat! Normally Maisy, my 11-year-old grey & white tabby (she of the barometer ears which go blue when it is cold and red when it is … Continue reading

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