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Pumpkins Memoir And A Bull Ride And A Radio Spot At The Rodeo

This time last year, we had just moved house.  What a difference a year makes.  We’ve painted, repaired and put up new fencing for starters. And Animal Farm has a new addition: a tiny ball of kitten naughtiness and heart … Continue reading

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Halloween Music And A Homecoming

In February, we put our house up for sale.  Nine months later and four weeks at the Goose Farm, we moved into our new home last week. For five of those weeks, my cat Eddie had to stay in a … Continue reading

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The Black Cat And The Strawberry Moon

Before I got the news about Dad, a ‘Strawberry Moon‘ appeared in our June skies. So-called as it marks the beginning of strawberry season, this full moon was a rare occurrence because it coincided with Summer Solstice on June 21st, … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

The stew’s bubbling away ~ Goodies ready and waiting for trick-or-treater’s ~ The Jack -O-Lantern’s carved and lit ~ ~ and conveniently placed on a bench to qualify for Jude’s October Bench Series before the stroke of midnight. Wishing you … Continue reading

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Story From A Cemetery And A 99 Word Flash Fiction

This week, Charli’s flash fiction prompt has us looking at gravestones, literally: ‘October 21, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a final resting place. You can take any perspective that appeals to you … Continue reading

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Spooktacular Snacks For A Healthy Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, I like to prepare early for all those trick-or-treaters by stocking up on plenty of sweets ready to hand out on the day.   The problem is, will there be any left by the time Halloween … Continue reading

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Bad Hair Day: Bite Size Memoir

After sharing all those photos of pumpkins and happy memories from a life once lived in California, our Halloween this year turned out to be a very quiet one, with only a handful of trick or treaters. Still, daughter got … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Patch Americana and a Happy Halloween

The first time I set eyes on a pumpkin patch in California, I was utterly mesmerised.  This was my idea of true ‘Americana’. For me, growing up in England, pumpkins belonged to fairy tales and I had certainly never carved … Continue reading

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A Happy Halloween for my Black Cat Eddie

Halloween is upon us at last! Better get that pumpkin carved, the treats ready to hand out to all those trick-or-treaters and decorate the house with paper bats, dangling skeletons and put on the spooky music! Most importantly, if you … Continue reading

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The Cry of the Vixen Fox and a Homemade Halloween

Last week, Hubby and I took Aspie Daughter to the local joke shop to visit the Halloween display there.  It is gruesome, bloody and foul and my daughter loves it.  She bought a few wonderful items such as a skeletal, … Continue reading

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