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In The Fear Of Writing

My dream is slipping away from me.  I thought I owned my dream, that I could do what it takes to fulfill my dream.  But now it is fading away. Why? because I am full of fear. My fear has … Continue reading

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Are We Nearly There Yet?

“Are we nearly there yet?”  How many times as kids did we ask this question of our parents during inexcusably long car journeys? When it came time for my own children to ask me the very same, my answer was … Continue reading

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The Neighbor Who Stole My Dreams

Not long ago, I made reference to an incident from my past which I rather sarcastically called my ‘little bedtime story’ and which some of you expressed an interest in reading.  I promised to write about it in a post … Continue reading

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Writing Process Blog Hop

What exactly is a Writing Process Blog Hop you may well ask? I’ve read about them on other blogs  but assumed that since I’m not a published author it wouldn’t apply to me.  This is exactly what went through my … Continue reading

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The Best Conversations Are In Cars

Since sharing in my last post about all the different writing voices screaming in my head, I’ve managed to quieten down a few of them, although not enough to feel too smug.  Not smug at all in fact.  Still, my … Continue reading

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Six Degrees of Separation and Thank you Todd Fisher

This is how the story goes : Me to my kids: “I once met Clint Eastwood while horse-riding in the Hollywood hills with your father. He was coming towards me on his horse and as he passed by he tipped … Continue reading

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Christmas In All Its Glory

It’s Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year! The time of year when we think of family, hearth and home, the season of peace and goodwill, glad tidings to all men. Like so many of you, I could write … Continue reading

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