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Girl In A Pale Blue Dress

Something extraordinary happened at the weekend: my uncle and auntie celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary.  Fifty years of happy married life.  I say extraordinary because I don’t know anyone else in my family who has achieved anything like this kind … Continue reading

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A Lingering Look at Windows: Muted Light

This has been a different and unusual week for me in many ways.  So many thoughts swirl about my head at the moment, full of the twists and turns of every day living and the way life can turn on … Continue reading

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The Glow of Friendship

Driving back from my friend’s house yesterday in the late afternoon I was lost in thought as I barrelled down the dual carriageway, bursts of rain hitting the windscreen and short, sharp gusts of wind buffeting against my car. I … Continue reading

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Been down this Path before

For some reason I am having a great deal of difficulty writing today.  The post I had intended to put out yesterday didn’t materialize because my USB cable for my camera has broken (second time!)  This means that I can’t … Continue reading

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