Surprises, Diana’s Dresses And The Annual Blogger’s Bash 2018

The Summerhouse sat in snow last time I checked, but emerging from hibernation to a sun-basked spring, I discover a new garden and the chance, at last, to get my hands dirty.

New growth pushes through bare soil and reminds me that nothing stays the same and nature, like life, is full of surprises. I think of all the gardens I’ve left behind for others to enjoy. Now it’s my family’s turn to reap the benefits with cherry blossom in April and bluebells in May, chased by peonies and poppies in June.

I have pumpkin, sunflower and nasturtium seeds, hoping they will turn out as the packets promise.   I am nostalgic for the last time I grew pumpkins in the vegetable patch I planted with my children in California, some twenty years ago.

My geraniums flourish.  Not since I grew them in California have they survived the winter.  There, left outside to their own devices, they died back to dry, brown sticks which miraculously sprouted back to new life in the spring.

This year, I left them in our front porch where not only did they not die back, but kept their leaves all winter.  I didn’t think that was possible in England.

Although, considering the temperature inside the porch during a heat wave in April, it looks like we’ve inherited a greenhouse in disguise.  No wonder my geraniums thrived.

It also doesn’t hurt to have a little helper.

Eddie enjoys helping with the gardening. Being an English cat born in a barn and raised as a kitten on fresh rabbit (shhh…don’t tell Bunnykins), he wanted to know why the sign says ‘ladybug’ and not ‘ladybird’. We Maisy, a Californian kitty through and through, would have happily explained.

My long time ambition to create an English cottage garden begins with a perfect shady border by a grey, stone wall.  With hollyhocks, foxgloves and lupins, I am determined to fulfill this ambition at long last, despite the onslaught of slugs and snails.  Not so perfect, then.

I need a hedgehog, so I imagine sneaking back to my old house in the dead of night, on a mission to retrieve Mrs Tiggy Winkle, who lives there beneath the summerhouse, it of wood and nails.

But I have some success…

We’ve had visitors too.

Mr Toad…

And a fledged baby bird, resting on the fence panel mid-flight.  Blue Tit? Chaffinch?

But the most wonderful surprise of all is a robin who sings from an apple tree behind a stone wall at the end of our driveway.  Throughout the long winter I watched it sing from the same high perch every evening.  I can’t see him now with the tree in full leaf, but I still hear him and I know it is him. I know it is My Sweet Robin.

Before gardening took over, London called twice.  First, in early April to a fantastic evening enjoying the Classic FM Concert at The Royal Albert Hall, my Christmas/Anniversary gift from lovely, generous Hubby.

Prince Albert Memorial, Kensington, London, which faces the Royal Albert Hall.

The next day, we walked through beautiful Kensington Gardens. Thrilled to discover that Kensington Palace was newly open for the summer season, we took the tour.  I’ve always wanted to visit the once-upon-a-time-ago home of Diana and her boys.

The famous gates at Kensington Palace, once covered in flowers…

Imagine my delighted surprise finding ‘Diana: Her Fashion Story’ exhibition inside.   A truly breathtaking walk through Diana’s life, forever caught in time by each of these famous dresses.  I remembered so well the photographs of her wearing them at iconic moments throughout her incredible, yet tragically too short life.

The tone, with each step, felt reverent and hushed beneath the subdued lighting.

When I posted my entry, ‘Mummy‘ in March for the Bloggers Bash Blog Post Competition,  I had no idea that I would soon be visiting Kensington Palace. Thank you to all who left such lovely comments on my true story, which I wrote with Diana, to me the quintessential royal, in mind.  Fellow blogger Viola Bleu linked to it in a post, inspired, she told me, to write her own thoughts on Diana.  Her beautiful words touched my heart.  Thank you so much Viola, I hope you enjoy the photos.

London called the second time on May 19th.  Not for the Royal Wedding, but for the Annual Blogger’s Bash. A lovely day all round, summed up beautifully in a post by Suzie Speaks with lots of fab photos taken by her husband, and Sacha Black’s post listing all the award winners.

Always wonderful to catch up with ‘old’ blogging pals and meet new, it was also a great opportunity to thank you so much for visiting the Summerhouse, rain or shine, posts of no posts, lighting up the place with your happy smiles.

And this year, I was truly honoured as an Ambassador representing  Carrot Ranch, conferred to me by, and on behalf of, Charli Mills and all the Rough Writers, unable to attend, but waving joyfully from Sea to Shining Sea.

Congratulations to all the award nominees and winners, and to my friend Marje Mallon whose story took first place with a beautiful prize for the Bloggers Bash Post Competition.   You can read all three winning stories here at Hugh Robert’s blog, Hugh’s News & Views, and you can catch the live video presentations posted on the Blogger’s Bash Facebook page

A huge thank you to the wonderful committee, Sacha, Hugh, Geoff and Suzie , this year joined by Shelley, Adam, Helen and Graeme whose tireless work and commitment made this such a successful and enjoyable event.

Blogger’s Bash Q&A Panel with Graeme, Hugh, Sacha, Ritu & Geoff

And of course, no Blogger’s Bash is complete without Hugh’s excellent and fantastically presented video which is now live on his blog.  Nobody escapes Hugh’s video, I mean nobody.

There is just one more surprise to report from the Summerhouse: a couple of weeks after the Classic FM concert, hubby took a call to say he had won the random prize draw held by their sponsor, Honda. Who wins those?  I thought they were made up.  But it’s real.  We really have won a holiday on the Almalfi Coast in Italy.  Still pinching ourselves that we get our holiday in the sun after all.

Meanwhile, I’m cracking on with the memoir and long overdue blog visits.  On days when I fade into a fog, I remember this quote taken from Writing Magazine by the marvellous Margaret Atwood, which I leave with you:

Asked in a recent interview whether she considers herself an optimist, she said: ‘Any writer is an optimist.  Why? Number one: they think they’ll finish their book. Number two: they think somebody will publish it. Number three: they think somebody will read it. That’s a lot of optimism.’

Life really is full of surprises.


This walk through my garden, Diana’s dress exhibition and the Blogger’s Bash is linked to Jo’s Monday Walk

All photos copyrighted (c) by Sherri Matthews, A View From My Summerhouse. 


About Sherri Matthews

Sherri is a writer with work published in print magazines, anthologies and online. As a young British mum of three, she emigrated to California and stayed for twenty years. Today she lives in England's West Country, a full-time carer within her family. Her current WIP after completing her memoir is a psychological thriller.
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79 Responses to Surprises, Diana’s Dresses And The Annual Blogger’s Bash 2018

  1. Wow, you’ve won a holiday in Italy. I’m so jealous! That’s fantastic Sherry, so pleased for you. It was lovely to see you at the BB in London. Enjoyed reading this post so much and thanks for the lovely mention re: my winning the bash writing competition. That was an unexpected but fantastic boost to my morale! Enjoy Italy. Love Marje xxx

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    • I know, I couldn’t believe it when hubby told me, I thought it was a joke! Aww…thanks so much Marje, it was so lovely to see you too, and I was so glad to be sitting right next to you when your name was called out as the winner, it was a really great moment and so thrilled for you 🙂 I’ll catch up with you soon…takes me a while to get back on my blogging feet! Love & hugs my friend xxx

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  2. restlessjo says:

    In Poland surrounded by family right now. Limited online access so I’ll pay you a proper visit when I’m home at the weekend. Sending hugs xx

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  3. Wow! Great post, dear Sherri!! That robin is beautiful. And of course Eddie is adorable. I can’t believe you guys won a trip to Italy!! How exciting. Your garden is gorgeous, too. Love you bunches, Sherri. 🌻🌷😁

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  4. Diane Box says:

    You never cease to amaze with another wonderful post! Catching so much with your words. I was thrilled to read all about your garden and some critters. Yes you must go on that mission to capture dear Miss Tiddlywinks! And then to reflect on Diana and to see her iconic dresses. After all these years she is still so missed. Congratulations on being Ambassador of Carrot Ranch my friend. Again beautiful post. Well done! ❤

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  5. It’s good to see you Sherri and what a beautiful garden you have – I think your bird might be a chiff chaff. Congratulations on the holiday, what a great surprise!

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    • Hi Andrea! It’s so good to see you too, I’ve missed you and look forward to catching up with you. Ah-ha…of course, a chiff chaff! Thanks for that, I wasn’t sure… It looked so sweet, resting there it’s little eyes closed. Thank you my friend!

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  6. Mike M says:

    Superb and a joy to walk through your sparkling narrative accompanied by the glorious photographs!

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  7. Hello Sherri!! How lovely to find this post from you in my morning ramble through the ethernet! It looks as if life has taken an upward swing and is ladling out gifts and pleasantries all around you – just as it should. Your new garden is looking rather glorious and of course there is little robin 🙂 Why would he not be there? I did think of you all at the BB as I watched the wedding live, full of admiration for the new direction the children of Diana are taking the monarchy. For me it just proves that we never know how the seeds we sow will flourish and mature even after we are gone.

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    • Oh Pauline, it was wonderful when Geoff announced one of your beautiful light catchers as a prize at the BB. When I heard your name, I felt as if you were there with us, and then I felt a stab of ‘oh, I wish you were really there.’ 🙂 We got snippets of the wedding walking from the back of the pub through to the bar (as well as the FA cup from the other TV, but I ignored that!), then watched the highlights the next day which we recorded. Yes, so poignant to watch Diana’s sons – and gorgeous grandchildren! – bearing her beautiful legacy filled with love. Thrilled you found me in your morning ramble through the ethernet…wonderful to see you again my friend and share sweet robin’s song…thank you so much! 🙂 ❤ xoxo

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  8. Mary Smith says:

    Lovely post, Sherri. I’m so sorry I didn’t get to the BB this year and missed catching up with you. Next year, I hope.
    Your garden looks lovely – and, oh, those frocks!

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  9. A P.S. Once again you brought it all to life and I can live vicariously and happily through your superb posts! xoxo

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  10. What wonderful luck you had visiting the Diana exhibit. A truly enjoyable and lovely post. ❤

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  11. dgkaye says:

    Oh Sher, you garden is beautiful!!!!! And thank you for sharing those lovely photos of Diana’s legacy. She truly was the quintessential royal ❤ And wow, how blessed that you guys are going to the Amalfi coast!!! Just what you need! The universe does work in mysterious ways. I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!!!! Big hugs to you across the pond. xoxoxo ❤

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  12. Mabel Kwong says:

    It is lovely to see you back here posting and giving us an update of what’s have been with you, Sherri. Sounds like a while since we’ve heard from you and sounds like life has been treating you well 🙂 Looks like the plants especially geraniums are flourishing long indeed. Sounded like a lovely the heatwave in April (for me I love heatwaves lol) and most of the plants turned out okay. The trip to Kensington Palace looks fantastic. Didn’t know that it actually is open to the public, that is incredible. Looking back on the past can be very nostalgic, but it can bring back memories we don’t want to forget. Very nice to see you attending the Blogger’s Bash again! How time flies and another bash already. I still remember watching last year’s video that Hugh took, and have to catch up on this round soon. Hope you get more work on that memoir done, Sherri. Sounds like it is coming along. Maybe some writing motivation will come from that Italy trip. Many hugs to you ❤

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    • Hello dear Mabel, thank you so much, and likewise, lovely to see you again, bringing your special brand of sunshine and smiles to the Summerhouse 🙂 My posts lately tend to be a mishmash of news, but I’m glad you enjoyed it. The days fly by don’t they! Can’t believe it was the fourth Blogger’s Bash already! Walking around Kensington Palace was fascinating, including a Queen Victoria exhitbit. I had no idea it would be open, an opportunity to grab! I’m pressing on with the memoir…I need to take a notebook to Italy! I hope life is treating you well and your writing and everything else is going well for you. Big hugs back to you lovely! 🙂 ❤

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  13. Sherri, I came over from Hugh’s blog and was happy to find this lovely post. Oh to be in England in early June!

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    • Thank you so much for visiting the Summerhouse Jean, lovely to meet you! I have to agree, England in June is truly beautiful! I lived in California, raising my children there for 20 years, and as soon as they finished school for the summer, we flew back ‘home’ to visit my family in June. I really did dance in the rain 🙂

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  14. purpleslob says:

    Hi Sherri! I’m so glad you have a robin in your new garden!!
    I love Diana. She will never be forgotten. Well I remember her dancing in that black number with John Travolta.
    Have fun in the sun in Italy!! Congrats!!

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    • Hi Melinda! Wonderful to see you again! It’s been a bit of a crazy time – ha, so what’s new?!! – but I was determined to get this post out, before it was already out of date and summer been and gone already! Aww, yes, I was staggered when I saw that black dress that she danced with John Travolta in. I loved how the accompanying photos showed her wearing the exact dress in all those iconic moments in history. Thank you so much…I will be back with lots of pics from Italy, hopefully…and see you before then! 🙂 xxx

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  15. It’s wonderful to see you here again as I know you’ve had a very full plate with the move and so much else. I’ve always wanted an English Cottage Garden as well. They look so free and happy. Thank you for filling us in on how you are doing. I didn’t know hedge hogs ate snails. I’m afraid if I got one, the owls would eat it. I love your garden and your sweet helper. I don’t think the world will ever stop missing Diana.

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    • And wonderful to see you again dear Marlene! Thank you so much for popping over, keeping tabs on me 🙂 I love that ‘free and happy’ style of gardening. I got three of each of hollyhocks, foxgloves and lupins, to put in the shady border along with some of my mother’s plants, such as lavendar and catmint. 2 out of three of the hollyhocks and foxgloves are doing well, but only one lupin. Still, it’s coming along. What is so heartening is that we put out some food for the birds, some for finches, and of course ‘my’ robin, and also some for blackbirds and thrushes, and we are rewarded by their visits. I saw a thrush the other morning, and they eat snails, so instead of my missing hedgehog we have a thrush, yay! I remember finding hedgehogs in the woods where I walked as a girl. Sometimes, they scurried away, but other times they had obviously been attacked and eaten from the middle. I never thought of owls eating them, but makes sense. Thank you for your lovely visit, which always makes my day 🙂 Big hugs xxx

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  16. Denise says:

    The garden is looking gorgeous and the best endorsement is your wildlife visitors. I miss having peonies – they won’t grow in pots. And they last for such a short time as cut flowers.

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    • Hi Denise! It’s wonderful to see the ‘new’ garden spring into life and make so many discoveries. I almost pulled out what I thought were ‘weeds’ at the front, only to leave them and have the pleasure of a spread of beautiful bluebells! I’ve never grown peonies, so I’m thrilled to have them in the garden. They’ve gone over now, and we’re waiting to see what next appears 🙂

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  17. mihrank says:

    Sherri – no words for such beautiful post, reflection and inspirational adventure…

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  18. Just discovered your blog and look forward so much to reading, beautiful post x

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  20. Dearest Sherri, a lovely post all round 🙂 My garden looks very cottagy just now — foxgloves included. It also has many more flowers than usual, including petunias, because of my newfound way of dealing with all those voracious slugs and snails. It is all very humane. I have an old ice cream tub with little holes in the top of it and a juicy green leaf inside, in which I put all the snails and slugs I can find (collection times, first thing in the morning and after dark with the aid of my torch). I pick up the snails by their shells and the slugs with an old plastic plant label. Then every day I empty the snails and slugs into the nearby woods where there’s plenty of vegetation to keep them happy! In the course of a week, I’ve deposited about 600 of them there. I even discovered where the two snail nests in my garden were (lots of minute baby snails not included in that 600 figure, so it’s probably nearer to 1,600 if you count them). The big test will come when it rains, when I’ll hopefully catch all the stragglers. Maybe I should write a post about this. It was suggested as a solution to this problem by the RHS and really works.
    I love those Princess Diana dresses, but I think you need a wonderful figure like she had to carry it off. Come to think of it, maybe you could carry it off, but not a skinny stick like me … no way. The other day, a group of us girls were discussing how we all had Lady Di haircuts in our thirties and wore those little hats with veils that she wore. I remember going to my brother’s wedding wearing a total Lady Di outfit (wasn’t a skinny stick in those days!).
    I’m so looking forward to our meet-up. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    • Dearest Sarah, so lovely to see you at the Summerhouse again, and I can well imagine your beautiful cottagy garden. And thank you so much for such a great tip, which sounds ideal. Will put into action immediately! My mother goes around at night with her torch and has found numerous little blighters, including lots of babies. The nests are at the back of the stone wall, all dank and dark there so perfect for them. You’ve cracked the problem by the sounds of it, in the most humane way possible. I think you must do a post about it! I’m glad you enjoyed my update, mish-mash of a post. Yes, same, I had the Lady Di haircut and clothes, all those high, frilly necks. Every Halloween in the States, I took the children trick-or-treating around our neighbourhood (my American friends got into it in a big way, and I loved the opportunity to dress us all up in costume) and one year, I got a play tiara and stuck it in my hair, with my Diana haircut, and wore a long, black velvet dress I already had. I got away with it only because of my English accent, but although I might have carried off those dresses back in my thirties, I seriously doubt I could now, big sigh!!!!!!! Me too…not long now for a proper catch up, well overdue! ❤ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  21. Hi Sherri, your Tweeter took me to this post. It looks like you had a busy time. I love your new garden. I tried two years to grow hollyhocks with no success. When I lived in the previous house, My hollyhocks were tall and vibrant. We just came back from Alaska. Forget Me Not is their State fower and we got a pack of seeds. I hope to grow them in a port first, then transplant them. The frog and the cat are lovely. I don’t have cats but have a family of lizards and their youngsters roaming on the wall in my garden. I thought I had robins when I started feeding birds, but they are finches. They built a nest and had babies two years ago. I also had mourning doves built nests and had babies.No birds built nests this year because my hubby is working on the eaves around the house. I do have three red throat hummingbirds empty the 22 oz feeder every few days.Your trip to Kensington Palace is lovely. We went to Buckingham Palace but didn’t spend too much time at the Diana exhibition.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hello Miriam, so glad you found this post via Twitter. It shared it automatically and I barely know how to use it! I loved reading all about your gardening and wild life adventures. How wonderful to learn that the Forget Me Not is Alaska’s state flower. Not only are they one of my favourite flowers, but Alaska is top of my list of places to visit, want to so bad! I am thrilled to grow them at long last, I never could in my previous garden for some strange reason. I hope yours take off. I sympathise with the hollyhocks, also having had had varying failures and some small success in the past. Maybe this is the year? Ha…will have to do update pics, if so! Every garden has it’s own story doesn’t it? Oh I remember the lizards zipping about when we lived in California. My children, especially my Aspie daughter, loved to catch the blue-belly’s and show me how they went to ‘sleep’ when she tickled their tummy’s. Amazing! How wonderful to have a nest of finches, I love all birds. Mourning doves are so beautiful. Hopefully you’ll get babies next spring after your hubby has finished working on the eaves. As for hummingbirds, I absolutely adored seeing them come to my feeder in California. I had one outside my kitchen window. I didn’t have my English robin, but those hummingbirds had me transfixed, just beautiful. How lovely for you to see so many every day! I’m glad you got to visit Buckingham Palace, I did that when I was a girl, and can just about remember going inside. I hope you enjoyed your trip to London! Thank you so much for your lovely, newsy comment Miriam, such a pleasure! 🙂 ❤

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      • Hi, Sherri, I just click the Twitter icon and click post automatically, then every post would show up on my tweeter. I don’t do it for my Facebook because I want to keep it posting family and friends events.
        I just found out that there is a hummingbird nest on my orange tree. It’s so tiny that I thought it was dirt or cobweb, I almost wanted to squirt it to clean it. Then out of curiosity I stepped on the step stool and saw a tiny bird but it stayed still. I touched it, it flew on the ground. I felt terrible so I picked it up, pt it back to the nest. By this time, the mama hummingbird fluttered her wings around me, so I stepped down and left the baby alone. I warned my hubby because he was going to pick oranges in a couple days. Now he will do around the nest. ❤ 🙂

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        • Thanks for that Miriam, I know what you mean about FB. I do have an author public page where I share my posts, but my private FB, like you, is for family and friends. Oh what a sweet, darling hummingbird nest, how very tiny! Mamma hummingbird will take care of her baby, and you weren’t to know. I love orange trees, not having any in England, but of course saw them a plenty in California, although I’ve never had one in my own garden. Beautiful…and tasty! Your oranges will be lovely and juicy, fresh for the picking by the time your baby hummingbirds fly the nest. Have a wonderful weekend Miriam, lovely to chat, and I will catch up with you next week 🙂 ❤


  22. A really delightful post, Sherri. I loved all the photos, especially your beautiful garden and the exhibition. Lucky you. 🙂 The sweet Robin’s song was lovely and Eddie is such a cute little helper. I’ll be in Cornwall on Thursday for a week and then it’s off to South Africa to see friends and family, before returning to England in early August for my dear MiL’s 105th birthday. Keep well my friend. Hugs and love to you. xxx

    Liked by 2 people

    • Aww…thank you so much dear Sylvia,. so glad you enjoyed it 🙂 As I type this, you will be in Cornwall, just a couple of hours away from me! Have a wonderful time and I hope the weather returns to our recent lovely summer sunshine for you. Bit mixed today. Have a wonderful time, my goodness, 105th birthday for your MiL…that’s incredible! Some wonderful celebrating to be had! Looking forward to all your gorgeous pics! Thank you my friend, happy, safe travels, have a wonderful summer and you keep well too! Love & hugs right back ❤ xxx

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  23. Charli Mills says:

    Sherri, Sherri, quite literary, how does your garden grow? With words and pictures and sweet robins all in a row!

    How delightful to see you latest garden come into fruition. Gardens give us so much joy. I, too, and practicing my English cottage garden! 😉 Snails and slugs must be part of the English experience and I’m blasting those on my JL garden game!

    I’m stunned to see all of Diana’s dresses so simply and yet evocatively displayed with their placement in her timeline of fashion. I love her smile and the quotes about her grace. She was something else, even to us Americans.

    Ha! I’m already packed and ready to ride in your pocket! When do we leave for Italy? You and Mike deserve a break. I never thought those contests were for real, either! You might be inspiring a bunch of us to enter our names. I can’t wait for those photos!

    Ah, thank you for catching me up with the Bloggers’ Bash, and thank you for representing the Ranch. I finally got to watch Hugh’s video and I was so excited to see you, and then you and Geoff. I laughed with delight and wished I could have been there with you to harass his blue-beard. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I’m so sorry tRump trumped you both out of the plane ride to the Keweenaw.

    Cheers to growing flowers and words in your gardens! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Charli, Charli, how wonderfully your wrangled words grow with delight and joy and laughter at the Summerhouse! You send sunshine and rain, the best kind of rain that makes everything green and lush and full of spring joy, and it was my absolute pleasure and honour to represent you and Carrot Ranch at the BB. Haha…I can just imagine Geoff’s face with us both harrassing his blue (or pink, or maybe orange??!!) beard, one on each side! I wished you could have been there too, what fun we would have had! Next time, Keweenaw. tRump can’t mess with us for long 😉 And yes, glad you’re packed and ready to go, not long now and you’ll be saying bella, bella everywhere we go lol! Meanwhile, we both get to garden in our English Cottage Gardens, and yours by the lake! I need your JL snail and slug zapper! We had a thrush visit the garden recently, and they love to eat them, so barring Mrs Tiggywinkle, let’s hope the thrush stays around. Thank you so much and cheers to you my friend, and to planting flowers and words, both sides of the Shining Sea! 🙂 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Charli Mills says:

        Such wonderful things unfold when we garden, and unexpected help arrives, too! I hope your thrush sticks around and zaps. Ready to start saying, bella, bella! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

        • Yes, unexpected help brings its own source of surprise and wonder! Aww…thanks Charli, I haven’t seen the thrush lately, but we have several lots of bird food in different places, some on a bird table for blackbirds and thrushes, and seed and fatballs for robins (of course!), finches and tits 🙂 Bella Bella indeed! 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤

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  24. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Sherri Matthews is now enjoying her new home and inherited garden, with all kinds of surprises lurking in the borders. She is also going to grow pumpkins from seeds – in this post Sherri also shares her experience at the Bloggers Bash in June and viewing Princess Diana’s magnificent dress collection during a tour of Kensington Palace. #recommended

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  25. willowdot21 says:

    Great post on all fronts and great to meet you at the bash 💜

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  26. noelleg44 says:

    Lovely post! What a nice surprise the previous owner of your garden left you! And as for Diana’s dresses – she was such an icon. I suspect Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, will follow in her footsteps based on what I’ve seen so far!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Noelle! And what a nice surprise to read your lovely comment, thank you! Yes, the Duchess of Sussex certainly has a very elegant style doesn’t she? Let’s watch this space and see what unfolds! xo


  27. Tina Frisco says:

    Oh Sher, your garden is gorgeous! complete with the darling visitors and your little helper 🙂 Hubby sure knows the way to your heart…fantastic Christmas/Anniversary gift. Thoughtful of you to share Diana’s exhibition with us, as well as news from the Bloggers Bash. And I love the Margaret Atwood quote. This is a most entertaining post! Hugs to you, my lovely friend ❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello dear Tina, thank you so much for your lovely comment, sweet thoughts and sunshine-bright visit to the Summerhouse 🙂 Isn’t it wonderful to share our worlds in such ways? Hugs back to you dear, sweet friend 🙂 ❤ 🙂

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  28. Cam Morris says:

    Hi thanks for postiing this


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