The Hope of Spring

Spring Blossom(c) copyright Sherri Matthews 2013

Spring Blossom
(c) copyright Sherri Matthews 2013

Alleluia – By Glenna Oldham

Daffodil footprints

herald the coming of spring

like summer rains

usher in autumn’s bountiful gifts.


And your life, my friend

makes ready a road for the Lord.


Oh I praise the Lord

for life and love…

and you, dear friend.

(c) copyright Sherri Matthews 2013

(c) copyright Sherri Matthews 2013

About Sherri Matthews

While writing to publication of her memoir, 'Stranger in a White Dress', Sherri has been published in national magazines, websites and four anthologies in memoir, essays, articles, poetry and flash fiction. Sherri raised her children in California, and today lives in England with her husband, Aspie youngest and their pet menagerie fondly called ‘Animal Farm’. As well as writing, Sherri keeps out of trouble gardening, walking, and taking endless photographs, a few of the better ones she shares on her blog A View From My Summerhouse.
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8 Responses to The Hope of Spring

  1. Very pretty, Sherri. They keep telling us Spring is right around the corner here, but we had snow this morning.


    • sherrimatt says:

      Thanks Beverly. Yes, I know the feeling! It’s been bitterly cold here and we also had snow again last week and some more at the weekend. I thought these photos would give some cheer as proof that spring really is almost here!


  2. And may springtime bless you in abundance !!


  3. writerachael says:

    I love your photo and your blog! I’ve nominated you for the Leibster Award, I hope you’ll accept. Rachael


    • sherrimatt says:

      Oh wow, what a complete surprise! Thank you so much Rachael, and yes, I do accept, how lovely of you to nominate me! I shall now endeavour to do all that is required.. 🙂


  4. jump1434 says:

    Very nice pictures Sherri..!! Can’t wait for the Spring..!! 🙂


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