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Serendipity And The Bunny That Nobody Wanted

Most of you, I’m sure, have heard the joke about the horse walking into a bar and the bar tender asks: “So why the long face?” But I bet you haven’t heard this one: Three people walk into a store … Continue reading

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Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge Day Four: German Shepherds And Guy The Gorilla

One day when I was little, I remember walking with my mother across the road to the mushroom farm to buy goat’s milk for our Siamese cats. This was nothing new,  but on this particular day two huge dogs appeared … Continue reading

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A Merciful Interview: Bite Size Memoir

Money is on my mind. Not so much because Christmas is fast approaching, but because of my disgust at the way the media whipped us up into a frenzy of Black Friday shopping last week.  Watching the news that night, … Continue reading

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The Sad Demise of Charles P. Snake

We thought we had a poltergeist in our home a few years ago.  My aspie daughter (lover of all creatures bright and beautiful and the more unusual the better) had wanted to own a pet snake ever since she was … Continue reading

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Alas, Poor Eric, I knew Him Well

Poor Eric the hamster has gone, flown off to Hamster Heaven he has.  I didn’t think he looked very good a couple of  nights ago, not very lively.   Having owned several hamsters over the years, we can always tell when … Continue reading

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No More Puppy & Kitten Farming

Pets, animals, birds of all kinds, you name it.  I write about them often as you well know, as a subject very dear and close to my heart.  Therefore, if you would just allow me a brief moment to share … Continue reading

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