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The Distance Between Us

Originally posted on Carrot Ranch Literary Community:
Twenty years ago this Friday, I went out for a meal to celebrate my birthday with my family. My eighteen year old had graduated from high school that spring and was looking forward…

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Crazy Alien: Bite-Size Memoir

Whenever I think of anything to do with immigration, I get a shiver of crazy. My first brush with American immigration happened when I turned up alone at Dulles International Airport newly arrived from London. It was 1980, my boyfriend … Continue reading

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WPC: Author Eric Hill going the Extra, Extra Mile

One of my greatest pleasures in life was reading stories to each of my three children.  Those times of cuddling up together, giggling and being silly, or waiting wide-eyed to turn the page to find out where the adventure took … Continue reading

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The Luck of the Irish and My Californian Earthquake

Today is St Patrick’s Day, as if you didn’t know.  You would think that since I am a quarter Irish thanks to my paternal grandmother, I would be leaping about all over the place to the strains of Riverdance (and … Continue reading

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